terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez - English

We promissed to translate some posts to English, so I did it. This is a post that I have already done, but in portuguese. If you notice any mistake, please tell.

Of all the artists that our teacher suggested us, I chose Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez because I really liked his paintings. If you like it too, it's here the link where you can see more paintings.


Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez was born on June 6th 1599 in Sevilha and died on August 6th 1660 in Madrid. He was a spanish painter and a great artist, known as one of the best portrait painters. His family noticed his vocation since he was a little child, so Diego Velázquez became an apprenticein Francisco Pacheco's studio where he studied for a few years and got the experience that made the king had assent of Diego's artistic capacibilities and ordered someone to call him to paint a king portrait. Happy with the result, the king nominated him a real painter. In his portraits Velázquez appealed to the individuality.

This is a video with some paintings from Diego Rodriquez Velázquez:


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